Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vague Lore

For past few days I have been seeing something in black and white in my mess. It says "Vegetarians only. No egg/non-veg please" on one of the rows out of six meant for the citizens of my hostel to devour the messy delicacy served in the place which bears close resemblance to its name(mess). But seeing that tag I couldn't stop myself from writing this piece. Well I have heard of many lores, hobbit lore, elf lore, ring lore to quote a few from J R R Tolkien's The Lord of the rings or the wand lore from J K Rowling's Harry Potter but I feel those fictional scholars should have added or rather the authors should have added to their stories another lore namely vegetarian lore or veg lore or vague lore, though people might have tough time to fit this lore in their work of art. Well let me explain in brief about this lore. Its true followers will not only be vegetarians but will also hate those who are not followers of their lore. They will simply if possible shun non followers out of society. I truly believe that this lore does have a place in the history of human civilization. It may be a complete disaster if such a lore is not put in pen and paper, which with my limited wisdom I am unable to do and also the fact that I am firm believer of non-vague lore, of which some of my friends are true masters, I may not be the right person to do so. Though it may be very useful if we put the non-vague lore in pen and paper but the beauty of non-vague lore is, it is more fun to enjoy it then to write about it. If one is to believe in the story of Adam and Eve, it was an apple from the forbidden tree that brought malice into this world. I don't know anybody who can prove that apple is non-veg. It too needs to be considered that if nobody kills and eats the animals they will multiply like anything and put the human civilization in jeopardy. So in a way people practising non vague lore is doing a favor to the mankind. On a serious note all said so far can be debated at lengths. But what I fail to understand here is why do people being vegetarian need separate table. My school level science tells me that protein once cooked gets denatured, so if a cooked non veg food is brought near another plate containing only veg food I don't think one would expect a microbial chicken to fly out of one plate to other or may be a microbial goat will graze along to the other plate in search of better food. May be such things happen that's why people put tags in black and white. It is quite astonishing to see the amount of intolerance in people in matters as trivial as food. That too in a public mess where food is cooked in a common place. The utensils in which food is served and eaten is common. This intolerant behavior brings to my mind the hatred of Nazis for the Jews or the present day fanatics hatred for mankind. As an end note I would only say this debate about veg and non veg is unending what only is needed is a tolerance to each others food habits. I end with due apologies to all followers of veg lore.