Friday, January 23, 2009

Music comes to life

Here I would like to document my first experience with live western classical music concert. Many times I have heard classical music on my computer and even seen recordings of those but the real thing is no much for those recordings. It was a concert organized by the Grenoble municipality I guess, for it was free. It is true I don't understand head and tale of any music but still the experience was worth putting in the form of few words. The motivation for going to this particular concert was twofold, first it was free second a colleague of my friend was playing the clarinet in the group. So me and my friends arrived at Grenoble theater at 8:15 in the evening. Took our seats in the last rows of the balcony. The show was to start at 8:30 and it did start at 8:30 a thing unthinkable back home. Well I think the west also has its share in late start ups but I am yet to come across one. I don't know what exactly it was a symphony or something else but there was a rhythm to follow. I guess through the music some story was being told and the twists and turns of the story was clearly audible. The concert was called l’Harmonie de Grenoble. It had two performances " Les tortueux méandres de la pensée" by Karim Maurice and Symphonie No. 3 "Planet Earth" by Johan de Meij. Both the performances were excellent as far as I am concerned. The minor details as to the strong and weak points of the composition can be debated only by experts in this field. I felt like being associated with the music which is missing when you listen to a piece on a computer or a music player. You feel charged up when the tune is playing a part of the story full of thrills, you feel the sorrow when it event are sad and so on. Its no different from watching the story on a silver screen.