Sunday, March 02, 2008

Few moments with a friend and Jacobs Creek

I promised my friend a treat on the occasion of my open seminar. Monetary consideration had forced my to postpone it again and again for last couple of months. Finally today I got for him what I promised. A bottle of Jacob's Creek 2006 Chardonnay white wine. Well a little expensive, and he got the cake and fish fry. Both of us prefer the wine chilled. The chilling plant, few kilos of ice in bucket full of chilled water. Well our party started a little late around 10:30 in the night. With the customary cheers, which I am scared of because I feel in that process I might break the glassware, our celebration started. It was a brilliant evening. The result a mild intoxication and a full stomach. A brilliant pale yellow liquid with a sweet smell should be a rough description of this particular sample. As for the taste you should drink it to feel it. The party ended with a walk and photo session by my expert photographer friend. Its a different thing that I had to get the original pic from him by showering some nice adjectives otherwise what I got was his masterly cropped and edited version. Well in the end I must say a really great day with Jacob and my photographer friend.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Couch Potato Nama

When I was young,
I was just not a mere mortal,
I could command the army of titans,
I could run the length of the equator,
I had a voice sweeter than nightingale,
I had the strength of hundred elephants,
I could eat every morsel in God's kitchen,
I could swim the length of Amazon,
I could dive the depths of Pacific,
I could sculpt like Michelangelo,
I could climb the highest peaks,
I could paint like da Vinci,
Alas! Those days are gone,
The memories still fresh,
But what I do now?
I will tell you later.

PS: Look at the shape.