Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Once there was a picture,
Of a mountain on the wall,
Faith moves mountains,
Were the words that it said,
It faced the rising sun,
In a picture on the other wall,
Colors speak all languages,
Was the message from the blinking sun
To the mountain on the other wall.
White was the snow covered mountain,
Under the clear blue sky,
With the rhododendron at his feet,
Bright was the sun vibrant with colors,
Yet they understood not a word the other said.
The mountain defiant in its own faith,
The sun blinded by his own colors,
Sailed across the timeless sea,
Without a syllable being exchanged.
Then came a day,
When a small girl glanced at them,
An innocent smile came on her face,
For she saw the directionless sailors,
Of the timeless sea,
A defiant mountain and a blind sun,
Walking nigh but talking none.
Faith was what the mountain said,
Compassion was what the sun said,
It was here she learned her first lessons.
Years later on a cheerful morning,
She went up to see her old friends,
The defiant mountain was gone,
The blind sun was missing,
All that was left were two rusted nails,
And blank patches on the opposite walls.
For they were just pictures on the wall,
Imagined she life in them,
Though defiant and blind,
They taught her the first lessons,
In what seemed directionless sailors,
Was a beautiful story in vibrant colors.

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