Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Little drops of rain and a bottle of beer

Well this happened some time back. I was wondering one fine evening how to spend the rest of it, and then suddenly out of nowhere came two of my buddies Atul and Nagesh.
“Let’s go and have some beer, Anuj sir” were the first few words that I heard coming out of Atul.
To be frank, my thoughts, at that very moment was racing in the same direction, but couldn’t lift myself towards my bicycle and go to the beer shop for lack of company. And then out of the blue these two people like angels dropped from the sky.
“Let’s go” I said and we set off to the nearest beer shop which was a little over a mile and half. Even though we were going for a bottle of beer there was something else for three of us.
It was a perfect evening for beer. The sky overcast, a cool wind blowing and a evening with no serious business at hand.
So the three musketeers started off to their common destination and then the unexpected happened. The sky began to fall, well it started raining cats and dogs. But plans are plans, it cannot be abandoned. It was decided to stop at the bus stop half a mile down the road, but by the time we were there it was practically useless to stop. All three of us fully drenched and it was then that we decided, lets welcome our unexpected guest to our party. So it was Anuj, Atul, Nagesh, little drops of rain and a bottle of beer.
Well may be the little drops of rain had seen countless beer gatherings but it was the first time for the first three to be in the company of the little drops. With rains splashing on their face the three musketeers reached the beer shop and out came the bottles of chilled haywards black. It rained for the whole time the beer party went on. The little drops turned out to be ardent party goers and they stayed till the end. Once over the three drenched musketeers started back their journey towards their humble dwelling but not without a small bottle of whiskey. Oh! Well the unexpected guest (whiskey) dropped in and we could not deny him entry into our gang. So in the end it was
“Little drops of rain and a bottle of beer with the unexpected whiskey”

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arijit said...

i think observin life so closely stops us from enjoin life to its best