Saturday, October 27, 2012

Durga Puja 2012, Burdwan, My clicks-Part 2

Second set of images from my pandal hopping during durga puja 2012. The first set I put in my last post.(Click on the small images in the collages to see larger version)

Laltu Smriti Sangha

Milan Samity
Shakari Pukur


Lakshmipur Math


Keshabganj Chati

Bahir Sarbo Mangala Para

Netaji Sangha


Boronilpur Friends Club

Nilpur Tarun Sangha

Birhata Kali Bari

Hatudewan Baroari

An ad for the websites from where I made my image maps. The websites are free and quite useful for making image maps. The second website is good for making circular image maps which is not available in the first one.

Online Image Mapper

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