Saturday, April 25, 2009

Latecomers on time

To begin with this piece I am writing just to document that something of this type has happened on planet earth. Few days back an interesting thing happened. Here in Grenoble I have few friends who call themselves the company. I don't know why. But one thing is quite interesting about this company. They are never on time except for when they have to catch a train or bus. In that too one of them has a distinction of missing a flight. Well thats for another time. So I invited the company and some other friends for a small get together. The official time mentioned 7:30 in the evening. As usual I assumed the party won't start before 8:30. Accoridngly I prepared my stuff for the dinner. But then at 7:15 there is ring on the door. Wow! so early who are these people. I opened the gate and there they were the holy trinity called the company. I did not believe my eyes first. But they were there. I checked the batteries of my clocks to see if I am seeing the correct time. I even called the cell number one of the guys to check if it rings then and there itself. It did. I could not belive myself that they are on time and more precisley before time. Now its almost a week that event has happened but still its a mystery to me why it happened. May be someday they will tell me.

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