Friday, March 20, 2009

Flying away

I fly like a bird,
Over the mountains,
Covered with white snow,
Not knowing where to go,
The sun shines on my face,
The blue sky opening its arms
Greets me with a smile
And I flew for many a mile.

I fly like a bird,
Spreading my wings,
Peering from above,
One the vast expanse of water,
Blue and black it glitters,
Like a large shiny stone,
The clouds holding me high
And I have to fear nothing nigh.

I fly like a bird,
Singing my own song,
Over the dense green forest,
Looking like an emerald,
I flew a long distance,
Till my wings flapped,
And when I finally stopped,
I thought of the unseen I saw,
I simply clapped.

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Shubhro said...

A nice read...