Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The feel of freedom

On an unknown countryside,
With the setting sun,
The birds returning to their nests,
A train whiz passed.
It was not an ordinary train,
For it was for freedom,
Freedom from daily hassles,
Freedom from the monotonous song,
Along the side lay the barren lands,
Fresh from the harvest,
After the seasons fest,
To the eyes it looked,
A land smeared with gold,
For the hay under the setting sun.
There was music in the air,
A different note for every stroke,
Everything looked different,
For it was a world much apart
For the clouds looked different,
The trees were greener,
The livestock more lively
The birds more chirpy
And the air smelled sweeter.
With every passing moment
My heart filled with joy
For I was a passenger in the special train
And it was a special train
For it was for freedom.

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