Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I would have in a SLR if I can..

I am an amateur photographer taking pictures of various architecture or natural things like flowers and animals etc etc. I have a Pentax-Km which is an entry level DSLR. When I am using my auto focus lenses I mostly try using the auto-focus facility to take images faster. The results vary whether I pointed exactly at the subject or the camera picked up some other point for focus. Mostly it is difficult to say whether your focus was great or out of focus slightly on the small LED screen of the camera. It is only when you put the picture on a big screen that you find that your focus was few centimeters ahead or behind the subject you wanted. So, I felt that it would be great if my camera could automatically store data in one file for a picture where the focus has been varied few tens of centimeters say 20cm in front and back of my desired object. That way when I have the raw file on the computer I could just by sliding the focus bar can get my object of desire in focus. You can get rid of a bit of softness in the image by sharpening but it does not give you the same image as you may have got with the right focus. It might take out a lot of fun for people who want to do all the focusing and things but for some like me getting the end result right without doing too much photoshop or gimp is fun. Well, just an idea I had may be someday such cameras would be available at an affordable price.


Anonymous said...

Pentax entry level cameras do not have a couple of features - which are otherwise pretty commonly available across other brands, and come in useful, any-day/night.

The VF focus lock indicator lights - which shows the areas/points in the frame, which has been latched on to by auto focus - once you pre-focus (half press) the shutter. Missing item # 1.

Second, the night auto focus assist lamp - which illuminates the subject at night when ambient light level is absent. However, Pentax gets around this by employing the energy intensive flash gun, to this end, too. Missing item # 2.

5/6 years have past since the advent of k-m. Now, the company offers this useful features for its entry level too.

Soumen Mandal said...

@shabsslg The second item is not missing it actually uses the flash to autofocus in low light. So item number 2 I won't say is missing.