Sunday, January 22, 2012

Basic Instinct

I have been thinking to write this one for quite sometime now. It is about a simple thing known as lunch. Back in India on any given day I would have had my lunch with my hand and then once finished will walk to a washbasin near by and wash my hands and mouth. Since, I came to France it is not possible to do this for two reasons. First, nobody else is doing it and second there is no washbasin close by. It had been a long held desire to eat something in my French canteen with my hands. The opportunity came when they cooked lobster one fine afternoon. Without thinking I took the plate with lobster and proceeded to pay for my lunch. At the counter after taking my money they returned my badge with a wet towel. At this point I figured even they expect me to eat the lobster with hands and even if they did not expect that I had to do it since it is impossible to eat the lobster with fork and knife. At last my long held desire came true and I enjoyed a whole lunch without knife and fork.

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