Monday, November 21, 2011

Pasta in milk

I do not know what name I should give to this recipe and I do not know if it already exist but somehow I liked the end result.

Here is what you will need or rather what I used

Pasta: 200gms
Milk: 200ml
Egg: 1
Tartare sauce : 1 tea spoon
Mustard sauce: 1 tea spoon
olive oil: 1 tea spoon
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the pasta in boiling water with a pinch of salt and cook till it becomes soft. Once soft, drain the water and keep the pasta aside. Put the milk in a pan and put it on your hot plate. Release the egg in the milk when the milk is a bit warm. Add salt to the milk depending on whether you want the end result to be more or less salty. Stir and cook the mixture till the egg starts becoming a bit hard. At this stage release the pasta and mix well. Cook for may be couple of minutes and then add pepper, olive oil, tartare sauce and mustard sauce. Add salt if you need more. The dish is now ready to eat but in case you want to add some more garnishing go ahead and do that when the preparation is warm rather than hot. Try avoiding anything which is sour to the milk when it is hot. Adding a picture of the thing without extra garnishing.

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