Thursday, December 24, 2009

A peaceful weekend at a Chalet

This was a new experience for me. Me and my friends decided to spend a weekend in a lonely place away from humanity. So, we booked a chalet. The chalet was at Lans en Vercors. It was called Ville Pleinevie. We reached friday evening with all the food and baggage needed to survive two days and two nights. The place was snow covered. The chalet was equiped with room heating and a very nice fire place. The first night started with a glass of whiskey and some hip shaking. After the hip got tired the leg started moving with the hands. The first night dinner was simply finished with khichdi when everything got tired. After dinner I went out with few of my friends for a round of night photography. The moon had come up and it revelaed to us the snow covered surrounding. But we had to wait till next morning to get a real view. The next morning started a bit late with cornflakes and milk. The morning sun gave us a first look around. The snow covered surrounding gave a feel of a valley draped in white sheet. We had our share of fun on the snow making snow man and all. The chalet also had a baby foot. Some of us got really busy playing the game. We could see all the excitment of a real football game without any people running around. The games continued till lunch. At lunch we had chicken Indian style with rice. After lunch some of us went for a walk in the snow covered mountains. I had the opportunity to click some nice snaps. The evening started with a small snack consisting of raclette cheese, boiled potato and salad. The snack was accompanied by beer. After the snack some of us got down preparing dinner. Rest of us got busy with vodka and some hip shaking. For dinner we had fried chicken. After dinner I went out for a long walk. We had only the moon to light our way. The silence around the place was complete which was broken only by the occassional vehicles on the highway. Next day sunday, started with a light breakfast. Frankly speaking, we had nothing to do accept have our lunch and go back to Grenoble in the evening. So some of us started preparing pizzas and pasta. Rest of us made ourselves comfortable and started chatting about things in general. In all this `in general topics' the most interesting was regrading the small animal `bat'. Wikipedia will give you loads of information regarding this nocturnal creature. But the point of discussion was whether it excretes from the mouth or not. Well I won't go into the sketchy details of the affair which continued for few following days on our return from the chalet. Coming back to our trip, we had lunch and then started cleaning up the place. In the evening the land-lady came and we cleared our dues and walked to our bus-stop for our bus to Grenoble. But the excitment did not stop here. In all this time of checking out and all, one of us left the baggage inside the chalet. By this time the land-lady was half a way to her home. Luckily, she agreed to come back for our baggage when we called her and we could retrive our baggage before the bus arrived. And thus ended our time away from the city.

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