Thursday, October 22, 2009

GDR Lyon

GDR - well I don't know what it stands for but in France it is generally the starting three letters of a conference held in specific topic. I attended something called GDR Diamant in Lyon. I was supposed to speak about my recent advances in this field. So far so good, but there was a little problem, all the speakers except for me were speaking in French. So, for me I could not understand a word of what others were saying. Hence, I simple transformed this opportunity into GDR Lyon or in short sightseeing Lyon. I went there with my supervisor and then after the first session and lunch I simply slipped into the town. First stop hotel Alexandra on Rue Victor Hugo. I checked in dropped my luggage at my room took my camera and so started my Lyon trip. Straight from my hotel I went to Place Bellecour.
Place Bellecour
Place Bellecour
It is the largest clear square in Europe with a statue of of Louis XIV the place looked simply enormous. I stayed there for sometime then started towards Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. This is a place a little up the mountain. On the way I came across a cycle rental station. It is completely automatic and one just needs a French Up the mountainbank card or any international credit card to rent a bicycle. I took it with the intention that I will ride it up the mountain to the Basilica but what I did not realize is that the climb is extremely steep and I ended up hauling the bicycle all the way up with the incentive of riding it down with style. ExhaustedAfter a long haul I reached the basilica but I was completely exhausted. Nonetheless it did not dampen my spirits and chained my cycle to a post and then took out my camera.
Notre-Dame de Fourvière
Notre-Dame de
Inside the Basilica
Inside the
There were more surprises for me on this trip to Basilica. My lens cover had dropped somewhere on the way. Anyway without loosing heart I went in the basilica and started clicking as many pictures as I could take. I stayed there for few minutes then proceeded to climb down the hill. On the way down I visited the ruins of a roman era theater.
The Roman-era
One can get an excellent view of the city from here as well as the basilica.
City view
Next stop was the Saint-Jean Cathedral, seat of the Archbishop of Lyon. The astronomical clock inside the church is a thing not to be missed. After a short stay and few clicks at the cathedral I headed towards Place des Terreaux.
The Saint-Jean Cathedral
The Saint-Jean
Notable things at this place is the city hall and the Fontaine Batholdi. Here to after spending some time I went around the town on my bicycle and in the end back to the hotel to be ready for the dinner hosted by the conference at Brasserie Georges. That brought an end to my Lyon sightseeing. the next day in the
City Hall
City Hall
Bartholdi Fountain
Brasserie Georges
Brasserie Georges
evening I was back again at Grenoble.

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