Thursday, July 16, 2009

Load shedding in Grenoble

ATM Down
This will be a short one. I experienced a small power cut or load shedding in Grenoble. That was not

No light at the end of the street

No light at
the end of
the street

Power is back
Power is back
exactly a load shedding because the power was back in five minutes. Probably some minor technical fault. Anyway but something stuck me very hard. If the power goes even for one minute here in France everything stops. The ATM, the traffic signals, the security locks in the building even the smallest gadget one can think of. There is no back up even for systems like ATMs. or security locks. At least back home in India everything has back up. From top to bottom we are so vulnerable to faults that we have back up of everything, probably that keeps us going.

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